What Makes Softonic Unique!

What Makes Softonic Unique!

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If you’re a user of PC or smartphones, then you definitely know the importance of software, apps, games etc. in our lives.

What if you get a site which lets you download all your favorite apps and games for free? It would be great, isn’t it? One such site is Softonic.

This Barcelona based organization’s primary intention has always been to help people out by providing them with free apps and software.

Now Softonic has expanded itself in countries like USA, Japan, Mexico etc. They have stated on their official website that, there are more than 100 million people who visit their site every month, in order to find new apps and games.

Here to be mentioned, their Games section is must try for every game addict. Softonic has an interesting and enriched collection when it comes to games. There hardly is any game, which you can’t find here. In this section, they also provide you with some exciting opportunities to win admirable prizes, in this section.

If you are still wondering, why should you use Softonic and not other software downloading sites! You’ll probably find out your answer below.

Top Features of Softonic: 

  1. The first and the best thing about Softonic is, it is free of cost. You don’t need to pay anything in order to enjoy the exciting facilities of Softonic. For any user, this the biggest plus point.
  2. The next thing a user asks for is availability of free apps. In this site, you would get more than 160000 free apps to choose from. That too downloadable for Windows, MAC, Android, Blackberry etc. mediums. Another plus point is, this site is available in as many as 12 languages. Namely, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, German and so on.
  3. Softonic has a user-friendly interface, an easy and rapid search box, and obviously the facility of opening free user account. All these make it a hit among the users. Additionally, you can connect with a large number of experienced and proficient software users, through their community. These users might help you in choosing your desired software.
  4. Softonic claims to provide you with 100% malware/virus free software download. Though many users have an issue regarding this. So, this feature is yet to be established.
  5. Every week they send you newsletters regarding the latest news of the software world. This would keep you updated, no doubt!
  6. There are two sections in this site, which are User rating and review. All the reviews in the Review section are neat and exact. Also the user rating section is a handy tool for you to decide which software to download and which one to not.
  7. There are several articles on this site, arranged in sections named, tutorials, in-depth, tips, general, comparison etc. These articles can thoroughly help you in downloading and maintaining an app.

Did you get the answer to your question?

What Makes Softonic Unique!

You might not have. But don’t worry. To find out the answer to your question and to expand facts more about Softonic, you can visit our website layerpoint.com. So, game buffs and internet geeks, visit now.

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