Bugera T50 Infinium 50-Watt Cage Design Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

Bugera T50 Infinium 50-Watt Cage Design Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

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Bugera has actually loaded each which famous timeless British rock tone, as well as all the excitable personality of a modern-day high-gain amplifier right into a little, however effective plan-the T50 INFINIUM. Including premium functions such as dual-VR Master, no-compromise post-phase-splitter Quantity which allows you undermine the signal the energy tubes for complete harmonic material with any type of degree, as well as a massive outcome transformer for boosted vibrant reaction as well as clearness.

Powered by 4 x 12AX7 tubes as well as 2 x EL34 power tubes, the T50 can cover substantial sonic areas with amazing simplicity. A real 2-channel amplifier, the Tidy and also Lead networks are entirely independent, and also each has its very own custom-tailored 3-band tone pile (Treble/Mid/Bass) for the best in tone shaping.

The T50’s push-pull energy area supplies 50 Watts of strong rock ‘n’ barrel as well as functions Bugera’s cutting-edge INFINIUM Tube Lifestyle Multiplier Modern Technology- that not just manages your outcome tubes’ condition, however could prolong their life expectancy by approximately 20 times.

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The bugera t50 infinium review likewise consists of switchable Class-A and also Class-AB procedure, enabling you to select Class-A for classic silkiness, or Course Abdominal Muscle for its uncooked and also extremely receptive power. Various other costs attribute consist of a high-def Reverb, and also a Phat button to increase the audio personality of your guitar playing much more. Everything amounts to an all-tube amplifier with large phase existence as well as unchecked convenience.

Bugera’s most recent production and also front-runner is the resolute TriRec Infinium, a straightforward, all-tube and 100-watt store beast that provides every little thing from cozy clean up as well as a classic problem to skull-crushing gain, ultra-modern under $1,000.

Bugera T50 Infinium 50-Watt Cage Design Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

It was dedicated to creating the TriRec’s brief and also complete signal courses and also the Infinium modern technology, that keeps track of tube efficiency, significantly raises cylinder life and also permits gamers to make use of any type of mix of energy tubes to accomplish their individual tonal bliss.

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